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Biocomputing Unit

Developping new algorithms and software to extract the maximum biological knowledge in 3D-EM and X-ray microscopy

Biocomputing Research and Service

The research team works in new computational and experimental methodologies to solve key problems in biology. Our approach is focused on:
  • Structural Biology by 3D-EM Microscopy & Soft X-rays Cellular Tomography
  • Information Integration in Structural Biology
  • Scientific Computing
Our service activities are structured around the recently established Instruct Image Processing Center(I2PC), developing new software infrastructures for advanced image and data processing in Electron and X-ray Microscopy.

Scipion World Tour 2016

15-19 February, Montevideo (Uruguay):
Integrative methods in Structural Biology to enhance high impact research in health and disease
14-18 March, Taipei (Taiwan):
International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2016
11-15 Abril, Utrecht (Netherlands)
Advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data with NMR data
2-6 May, Lisbon (Portugal):
Integrating X-ray crystallography and scattering with electron microscopy
16-20 May, Madrid (Spain):
From 2D images to 3D structures: A practical course on Electron Microscopy Single Particle Analysis
17-20 October, Madrid (Spain)
I2PC-FEI “hands on” course on image processing